Going … Going … Gone 2021! Four shows in July!

We’re dusting off the gavel for a series of shows at The Play Ground at IndyFringe! Outdoors and outasight! Get your tickets here



“’Going…Going…Gone’ is a darkly-comic, interactive adventure that you’ll want to see with as many friends as possible … and if you’re lucky, you’ll go home with just a big smile on your face, maybe even a jar of real doe’s urine …I can say without a doubt that ‘Going…Going…Gone’ is one of the most fun shows you’ll see.” – Mayowa Tomori, Mission Intrigue: Indy

Boars head victors

“Performing in ‘Going…Going…Gone’ is like riding a roller coaster. You’re not sure where the curves and free falls will be, but it’s thrilling to hang on and to go for it.”—Paul Hansen, actor


“I laughed so hard my face ached by the end of the show. This is structured improv with a brilliant built-in audience participation that is sure-fire. I would see this show again in a heartbeat, especially if you love great improv.” – online comments at NUVO.net

Capt kirk

“An improv show is a ridiculous gamble. ‘Hi, here is my money for the show that has not been created yet.’ You add in a Tony Orlando record or an illustrated version of “Heart of Darkness” and it only adds to the silly. As an improviser, having concrete objects for sale gives another dimension to the show. We not only interact with the audience, but we have all these new cast members – the items – that have stories to tell.” — Claire Wilcher, actress


“Going…Going…Gone provides a playground for inventiveness. This type of creation while an audience watches is tremendous training for an actor who does comedy and farce. ” — Rob Johansen, actor

January 2013 GGG Matt and the Puzzle

Photos 1, 3, 4, 5: Kandra Sejas
Photo 6: Brittney-Elizabeth Jackson
Photo 2: 2First Name Photos

After all these years, Ed’s still dead …
but the auction house is coming back
so you can do our bidding!



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Come see us in July 2021 at IndyFringe's Playground!