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“Going…Going…Gone” IS BACK!

the big game

Back to the Fringe in 2021!

Ed’s Auction House is back in business at IndyFringe’s Playground! Join us on July 9, 10 and 23! Get tickets here!

January 2013 GGG Georgeanna in the Audience

“Going…Going…Gone” is a long-form improv “live auction comedy” that allows the audience to get in on the fun by bidding on props – and taking home the items they win.

The action takes place during the final day of Ed’s Auction House. The business was run for 40 years by Ed Joseph and now that he’s dead, the doors are closing for good. The will stipulated that everything must go and, as the show opens, it has. But wait…there’s more. Boxes of Ed’s personal stuff has been found in a closet of his office, and it all must be auctioned off to satisfy the will.

Who will do that? And what’s in the boxes? And why did Ed set these items aside? Well, that’s the play. Of course, to keep things lively, “Going…Going…Gone” offers some entertaining variables:

  1. The cast. A different set of actors are featured at each performance. It typically features two- or three-actor casts.
  2. The characters. For each show, the actors play different characters, most of whom are related in some way to Ed. Past shows have included Ed’s ex-wife and his current wife, his estranged son and his loyal daughter, his accountant and his AA sponsor, his lover and his mother, his triplets … the possibilities are endless.
  3. The props. Each performance has a unique set of props serving as Ed’s to-be-auctioned stuff. The actors are unaware of what items are in the boxes until they open them onstage during the show.
  4. The money. Upon entering the theater space, audience members are given $25-$40 in play money. This money is used to actually bid on the items during the auction, and audience members take home whatever they win at auction. They often pool their money, form alliances and spark intense – and usually hilarious – competition for items.

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“Is this heaven?”

No. It’s Going … Going … Gone.

(Bottom photo: Brittney-Elizabeth Jackson)